Our Formula

How we get from A to B
We understand the constantly shifting paradigms of modern business and marketplace fluctuations in general. With this knowledge we try to understand the requirements you initially provide us with may change over time. In order to reproach these changes to and inevitable evolution of a project we use the Agile Development Model.

What is Agile Development?
Agile Development is a relationship intensive approach to software development, working from the premise that you want a solution immediately; not in X months time. Our team works closely with your firm throughout the construction of the system by holding frequent meetings where you can regularly supply new requirements or adjustments of current content to us in a live environment.

By adapting your solution as your business evolves over time it allows us to create an organic, iterative system that is as relevant to your business upon completion as it was when you first approached us and the project began.

Agile Development also supplies you with a usable ‘demo’ solution in a short time span. It does this by supplying you with the critical functions you wish the end product to incorporate; then incrementally adding extra content and updating these core functions as development progresses. Through using this iterative model, you can benefit from efficiencies straight away and provide us with feedback if any changes are required.

This model is superior to others as it;

  • Cultivates a strong service provider-client relationship
  • Flexible to the changes and evolution of business needs as they develop
  • Provides a prompt solution that can be tweaked
  • Allows for bespoke design and technical excellence