The demonstrable quality of our solutions and our collective experience allowed us to secure our first international client. This opportunity provided a platform for continued growth throughout mainland Europe over the coming years. We were able to forge solid relationships with clients based on an ethos of good communication, professionalism and reliability. These are qualities which we continue to strive towards today.


Due to the expansion and scope of the work we were engaged in, we diversified our own services, offering tailored business process outsourcing and resource based solutions. This was accomplished with the intent of providing more effective and efficient solutions for our clients.


Staying true to our roots and supporting the development of business in the North-East of England, we relocated to brand new, state of the art business premises. To compliment this move, we aimed to create a fresh new image for the business and breathe new life into W@btech. Through this process, Smurk Software was born. This move gave us the momentum to push the business further forward, exceeding our initial expectations.


After the successful launch of Smurk Software, revitalising the image of W@btech in the process, came the launch of its sister company; Smurk Recruitment. This venture harnesses the team's IT background and vast expertise to provide companies with highly skilled IT personnel. Additional staff was recruited to support this splinter business, expanding the size of our overall workforce.


To further the growth of these two principal businesses and continue to strengthen our reputation and brand within the IT sector, both Smurk Software and Smurk Recruitment were re-vamped with website launches. This provided the ventures with a fresh new look and identity, enabling an even greater online presence than prior to the site's respective launches. To continue our support of regional business development, we joined several networking groups, welcoming the prospect of new business opportunities, contacts and alliances.


Another great year of stabilising, maximising and ultimately expanding our client base and workload. By directing our focus to international contracts we were able to continue to grow as a business, occasioning us to begin the process of looking towards 2014-15 for even further business developments. As in years past, Smurk Recruitment was busy during this period too, finding contracted work for numerous job roles assigned to us by international employers (from Sweden to Benelux).


Building upon the last few years of success, we decided to update and improve our web presence, via both our website and also through social media and business related networks. This focus on expanding our profile on the web will lead to a greater client base. Additionally, by trying to incorporate more informative, up-to-date information into our website and social media profiles, we look to ingratiate ourselves further with the budding software industry in the North East of England.